Wiktor Jaźniewicz


Residency Program for Translators of Kraków UNESCO City of Literature

Doctor of technical sciences (specialty: computers); since 1999 translator of Stanisław Lem’s short stories and discursive prose into Russian (Megabit Bomb, Mystery of the Chinese Room, Okamgnienie, Tako rzecze… Lem, My view on literature, Sex Wars, DyLEMatyShort Circuits, Lata czterdzieste, numerous articles, interviews and letters); author of more than fifty articles on Lem’s work, published in nine countries; author of a book in Russian on Lem’s biography and his philosophical heritage, entitled Stanisław Lem (Minsk, 2014,). For the 100th anniversary of Stanisław Lem, he arranged and published the multilingual books Świat Stanisława Lema [The World of Stanislaw Lem] (2000 aphorism-like quotations from all published works of the writer), Stanisław Lem w Świecie [Stanisław Lem in the World] (fragments of the writer’s works in 60 languages), and Stanisław Lem Non Fiction. Bibliografy and Personals. He lives in Minsk, Belarus.