A residency program located in the city of Arles, France for translators, writers, and researchers.

Its most important mission is to create comfortable conditions for translators to work on a project (the translator must have a contract with the publishing house). Every year in November, CITL organizes a literary translation conference and many cultural meetings. Another interesting project of CITL is a bilateral training programme for young translators.


The residence lasts from 1 week to 3 months. Translators can receive a scholarship from the Centre National du Livre or the residency can  cover the cost of the stay per diem of 20 euros, for stays longer than 2 weeks and upon review of your application.


Due to the limited number of places, applications should be sent at least 3 months in advance.
The application form and further informatons about the residency can be found here.


Priority is given to translators translating French-language literature or translating into French.