Institut für Alles Mögliche | Berlin


The Institut für Alles Mögliche is a non commercial art piece – network – space – project. The Institut is located in Berlin, Germany.


The residency welcomes artists from various disciplines – visual arts, sculpture, dance, theatre, literature, music, new media, as well as many others.


Its main focus is spatial relations and artistic connection to enable various art practices among people around the globe. They offer some spaces of an Institut to artists to live and work and use for their art.

Currently the Institut offers 6 studio spaces for work and live purposes in Berlin. These are Zentrale, Niederlassung Berlin, Kanzlei, Kabinett, Salon für Sonstiges and Hauptstadtstudio. Institut offers 2 studio spaces in Athens as well – Sehenswürdigkeiten and Geschäft. All spaces are well connected to public transport.


Organisers are combining several projects, spaces, programs and artists into an extended network of artistic infrastructure. They are collaborating with numerous partners, individuals and institutions both locally and internationally. Everybody is welcome to participate in offered activities in one way or the other.


The fee for 1 studio ranges from 500 to 1.000 € per month depending on its size.


The application process is open on a rolling basis.


More information can be found HERE.