Passa Porta


Passa Porta is an international house of literature, made to stimulate the creation of literature. That is why, ever since Passa Porta was founded in 2004, they have been organizing residencies for authors, translators and author-curators from Belgium and abroad.


Passa Porta has in its offer five different residency programs:

– foreign authour-curators

– foreign authors

– flemish authors

– francophone belgian authors

– translators


As a foreign writer-in-residency at Passa Porta you have at your disposal, for a minimum of four and a maximum of eight weeks, a comfortable and quiet apartment on Oude Graanmarkt.


For Belgian authors Passa Porta also provide carefully selected writing places in Belgium, either in Brussels or in Ingooigem.


Writer residencies for Flemish authors are organised with international partners.


As a resident you come in contact with the many international partners of Passa Porta (publishers, translators, bookshops, programmers, etc.),  you develop a new audience with which you can engage in dialogue via meetings and possible writing assignments. As an author-curator, you will also develop skills to create public programmes and/or to reflect and engage in dialogue with other authors through other public platforms.



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