Ana Llurba


International Residency Program of Kraków UNESCO City of Literature

Ana Llurba, also known as Ana Isabel Llurba Ferreira is an Argentinian poet and writer. Her volume of poetry Este es el momento exacto en que el tiempo empieza a correr (This is exactly the moment when time begins to run) won the Antonio Colinas Young Poetry Award in 2015.  Her first novel La Puerta del Cielo (Heaven’s Door, 2018) was published in Spain, Argentina and Chile – it will also be available in Italy in the upcoming months. She graduated from the Faculty of Modern Literature at the National University of Cordoba. From Argentina she moved to Spain, where she graduated in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature Studies from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Currently she works in the public sector, she also writes articles for cultural publications and runs creative writing workshops.


On the residency in Kraków in September and October 2020.


photo Celina Bordino