Sopot literary residency Pismo Foundation


Deadline 15/11/2020

The call for 2021 residencies ended on November 15, 2020.


In 2020, the Pismo Foundation have launched a literary residency program in Sopot, Poland.

In partnership with the publishing house Smak Słowa and Smak Słowa Księgarnia by Anna and Szymon Świtajski, as well as CH23b – Guest Rooms by Agnieszka Suchora, an opportunity was created for writers to stay by the Polish sea where they can work in peace.

Sopot Literary Residency is a month-long stay in the Guest Rooms of Ch23b in Sopot. The residence covers the cost of the stay and provides comfortable conditions for creative work, in a break from everyday duties.


The Sopot literary residency project is addressed to poets, essayists, prose writers and writers of non-fiction who writes about the most important contemporary social, cultural or existential problems.


The Foundation invites from 4 to 6 people a year, who are representing various literary forms. We welcome authors who have already made their literary debuts (in books or in the press), but the project is not limited only to those having major literary achievements.