Irina Kisielowa


Residencies SDK

Irina Kisielowa got her PhD in philology, specializing in Russian and Slavic
languages. She is a critically acclaimed translator from Polish and German into
Russian. Since 2003 – a participant in the Transatlantic translation seminar led by
Ksenia Staroselskaya in Moscow. Participant of the international seminar of
translators Translatorium (OBTA, Warsaw University), as well as the 1st, 3rd and
4th World Congress of Translators of Polish Literature organized by The Book
Institute in Krakow. She translated the works of St. Barańchak, A. Bobkowski, R.
Kapuściński, St. Lem, A. Pomorski, A. Saramonowicz, J. Sosnowski, O.
Tokarczuk, I. Fink, J. Hen etc., more than forty plays from Polish and German,
including T. Bernhard, D. Glattauer, T. van Gogh, E. von Horváth, D. Masłowska,
T. Różewicz, P. Turrini, productions by G. Jażyna, J. Klata, K. Lupa, K.
Warlikowski and many others. She taught Russian and Polish literature at
universities in Russia, Poland, Kosova and Austria. Teaching at the Institute of
Slavic Studies at the University of Vienna since 2011.